The efficient air conditioning system

The efficient air conditioning system

Consuming energy as economically as possible is one of the most general concerns when venturing into home renovation or new construction.

A few years ago, aerothermal energy was an undiscovered mystery, but thanks to today’s advances, its scope and sustainability, this air conditioning system is now spreading more and more, by leaps and bounds.

In fact, aerothermal energy has come to establish itself completely. Air-water heat pumps are designed to support up to 75% of the energy in the air for successive use, allowing a higher profitability to provide heating in winter, cooling in summer, and, if desired, hot water all year round. In a completely natural way, without harming the biosphere and all thanks to its heat pump.

Aerothermal energy supplies more energy than it spends

Years ago, air conditioning was actually the most energy-intensive installation in a home. Today, we have much more efficient air conditioning systems with a much more contained consumption. In any case, opting for the most efficient and economical system possible is essential. This is how the self-consumption equipment was born, where the owner of the house is the one who generates the electrical supply.

But if there is something that makes air conditioning a truly attractive technique for the consumer, it is its exact efficiency, totally suitable to obtain savings even higher than 60% compared to other methods of air conditioning. The aerotermia reaches the degree of self-sufficiency or “energy independence” to perfection.

Aerothermic as a method of heating

  • Underfloor heating: This innovative system is based on the operation of a network of plastic pipes that when placed under the floor, makes the hot or cold water pass through the whole space. Providing us with high performance and low consumption. This heating system is ideal for homes that are not excessively large, where radiators invade a given space.
  • Low temperature or conventional radiators: The energy used in this type of system is always clean energy, does not generate CO2 emissions or pollutant fumes. This type of radiators are usually larger and the cooling mode does not work, but are a perfect option to the radiant floor in terms of price of installation.
  • Air equipment such as Splits or Fan-coils: They are used mainly in water-based air conditioning structures and are very compact, so they do not need much space and are an option to consider both in stores and in tertiary facilities or residential air conditioning.

What profitability does aerothermia show us?

The progress of technology facilitates various ways to save, so it is essential to be aware of the basic advantages and gains that this method shows us.

  • It has no combustion chamber, no burner, it does not emit smoke and it is considered a clean energy.
  • It reaches most of the energy of the air (around 75%) and only a minimum electrical portion.
  • We only pay for the electricity consumed by the inverter pump. The aerothermic uses the renewable energy of the air, which is totally free.
  • It is adapted to almost all climatic areas of the world.
  • Only one device is needed to meet all the needs of a house, both for heating and air conditioning.
  • Thanks to the little space it needs, since it does not require a place to store the fuel, it becomes a very favorable option as far as the security of the home is concerned.
  • It is ecological as well as efficient, allowing the trend of the same with solar panels and condensing boilers.

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