Food Waste to Fertilizer

Programme Intro

Bio24: Earth-to-earth

Bio24 is a food waste recycling programme for the fast-paced city. It offers a simple, hassle-free solution for recycling food waste, while also addressing time, space and manpower constraints.

Simple &Hassle-free

Unlike other food waste digestors, Bio24 saves you additional time and manpower spent separating your food waste from other inorganic waste.
With Bio24, simply bag up your food-related waste and throw them into the digestor, it’s that simple!


We know digestors, and it is quite common for food waste digestors to get jammed with incompatible waste.
Bio24 is not picky.
Our proprietary bio-mechanic system can break down hard-to-digest matter, including disposable foodware. Even inorganic waste get sieved out easily at the end of the process.

Food Waste:Truly Zero

Bio24 turns almost all (or 99%) food-related waste into rich organic fertilizer.
This means everything on the table — from leftover food waste to serviettes, disposable tray and disposable cutlery. There is also no sludge or leftover waste that goes to the landfill. We’ve got this!


Because it’s that easy, the Bio24 programme can be a simple hands-on experience for diners. Just throw the food waste into the brown bins (brown waste to brown bins!).
These daily actions can go a long way to change mindsets and habits.


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