Company Profile

τρία is the Greek word for the number ‘three’. This represents three things we connect: consumers, the environment, and business. We firmly believe that for any solution to be sustainable, it must be a closed-loop solution that provides a triple-win for consumers, the environment and businesses.

From design and development through to manufacturing, we provide a full suite of services to reduce middlemen costs, hence keeping our prices low.
In this way, we ensure that you can enjoy affordable eco packaging, making it
much easier for you to go green.

About Us

TRIA is a sustainable packaging house interested in elegant solutions.

Our range of earth-friendly disposable packaging and tableware includes lunch boxes, cake boxes, carriers, cups and cutlery.

"Design has the ability to create involvement, and inspire change."

TRIA’s interest lies in design innovation, and a closed-loop approach to sustainable packaging. Our proprietary designs challenge well-established packaging archetypes with new features, functional efficiencies and most importantly, help F&Bs bring smiles to their customers.

TRIA Careers

We are always on the lookout for motivated individuals with a passion for elegant solutions and an interest in sustainability.

Brand & Marketing Manager

Looking for a marketer who is passionate about environmental sustainability. Strategic responsibilities, global role, blue ocean market.

Business Development Manager

Looking for a passionate and driven personality to grow with the company. Job scope includes identifying, creating, and maintaining good client relationships.